Asco (Spain)

Map of Asco

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2* 900 MW PWR units constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1983 and 1985.

Facilities in Asco

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Radioactive particles including cobalt-60 have been found outdoors due to a leak during refuelling work in November 2007. The CSN had initially planned to screen 900 people.

In a statement released late on 6th of May 2008, the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) added that it had so far checked 1,625 people out of a planned total of 2,544 at the plant near northeastern port Tarragona and found none to have been contamminated.

The CSN had initially planned to screen 900 people after management at the 1,000-megawatt Endesa-owned (ELE.MC: Quote, Profile, Research) said they had found radioctive particles outdoors including cobalt-60 due to a leak during refuelling work in November.

The watchdog said it had boosted screening as more information became available on contract workers and in response to requests from visitors’ groups.

Environmental groups have protested that a school visit was allowed to go ahead to Asco I on April 4, the day that plant management informed the watchdog of the leak.


SG tube leak: leak rate suddenly increased to 8 liters/hour. Asco-1 and -2 SGs have experienced degradation and are scheduled for replacement in 95-96.