Emsland (Germany)

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1300 MW PWR constructed by KWU; operation since 1988.

Facilities in Emsland

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In 2004 11 events occured that were rated INES 0 according to the BfS annual report.


The Emsland PWR has cut its outage length from 37 days in 1989 to 15 days this year.

Over the last decade, Emsland tapped a large efficiency potential by rigorously organizing and policing the activities of the 1,300 contract workers involved at any one time in an outage.

Since 1989, the time required to unload spent fuel during an outage was cut from 61.5 hours to 35.5 hours this year. Loading time was likewise reduced from 56.7 hours in 1989 to 37.5 hours.


Unit was shut down for repairs on a main turbine oil pump. Some primary circuit measuring equipment on PRZ was inspected. Excess water pressure in the PRZ activated the PRZ relief valve, leading to steam release inside containment.