Embalse (Argentina)

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The site is located in the Province of Córdoba, some 110 km to the south of the Córdoba city, its electric power is 600 MW. The plant is a PHWR reactor of CANDU type, natural uranium loaded, heavy water moderated and cooled,. It was constructed by AEC, commercial operation started in 1984.

Facilities in Embalse

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
EmbalseCANDU 600 (PHWR)19741983

Argentine regulators have provisionally rated a pressure tube failure and loss-of-coolant accident at Embalse at Level 2 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) because plant defense-in-depth was degraded.
The incident occurred when the 648-MW pressurized heavy water reactor was returning from an outage. Two fuel-bearing pressure tubes were damaged during the inspection but only one was detected and replaced. Two days after the unit reached full power, the annulus gas system showed a pressure increase and increased tritium was detected in the reactor building. The unit was brought to cold shutdown, and a 7-millimeter-long hole was found in one pressure tube.
The damaged tube was replaced as of December 29 and Embalse reached full power January 2.


Plant suffered 3 scrams in 4 days, because of several operating problems; first scram was probably caused by a valve failure. Plant managers did not publish details.