Diablo Canyon (USA)

Map of Diablo Canyon

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2 * 1100 MW PWR units; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1984/85

Facilities in Diablo Canyon

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Diablo Canyon-1PWR19681984
Diablo Canyon-2PWR19701985

The unit was down for its seventh refueling late last month when crews inadvertently left the auxiliary transformer grounded. High current flow caused a transformer fire. The transformer fire affected non-vital equipment only.


Under certain CCW system alignments, the heat load during post-loca cold leg recirculation may cause CCW temperature to rise above design limits. Condition existed since initial operation.


Following a scram excessive cooldown due to a stuck open steam dump valve resulted in a safety injection approx. 23.000 liters were injected.


Loss of offsite power, when a mobile crane was moved to close to the 500 kV line , All unit-1 EDGs started.


failed pressurizer spray valve caused the pressure to fall below 1950 psig, pressure stabilized at 1500 psig. the feedback linkage for the spray valve had become loose, causing the valve failure; safety injection actuated as well as the AFW pump,-> scram


Because of inadequate separation of redundant circuits the low temperature overpressure protection system might not have been capable of sustaining a single failure, result of design error


Failure of studs on anchor darling check valves.