Guangdong (China)

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Guangdong located in Daya Bay: 2* 900 MW PWR units constructed by Framatome; operation since 1993/94.

The Daya Bay nuclear plant, is a Sino-foreign joint venture - beginning in 1979 with the site selection. In the 1980ies proposals for the Daya Bay nuclear power station were first made public.

The Daya Bay nuclear power station is located in China's southern, coastal province of Guangdong, a province that is highly populated, and a major industrial center for all of China. The station is located less than 50 miles from Hong Kong and 70 km east of Shenzhen. In 1984, the station's ground-breaking was completed.

Facilities in Guangdong

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down

Replacing the 7 failed CR with more traditional designed rods. (guide tubes from EdF's 1300 MW series.)
Restart 2.7.95
Framatome has already ordered two new complete sets of guide tubes of the same traditional design which should be delivered at the end of 1995 and in mid-96 to Daya Bay.


After detection of problems wth CR drop time at unit -1, unit -2 passed the drop time criteria in new tests. But one rod fell in slightly more than the required time of 2,15 secondary and drop times were slower then compared to earlier tests. Unit-2 restarted at 20.5.95 with 8 additional CR- systems, assuring an extra margin in case a few CR should stick.


CR failed to drop in the required time during test.
Framatome tried to replace the 53 original rods with nitride coated ones - this attempt made things worse !! nitride coating was introduced in EDF units in 1989 after several units experienced CR vibrations. CR drop times increased only slightly ( about 0,2 seconds). Daya Bay is rated at 1000 MW rather than 900 as the french reference plants, making the chinese plant to a guniea pig for the new N4 design ! (higher power requires higher primary coolant flow rates, which can influence the CR system).


leak in RCS. the director of the plant said the repair would take a month.the plant started commercial operation in february and suffered an incident on electric short circuit in february and an incident aon transmission system in may.


Hydrogen-leak from turbo-generator. The director of the plant said the repair would take a month. The plant started commercial operation in February and suffered an incident on electric short circuit in same month and an incident on transmission system in May.