Crystal River (USA)

Map of Crystal River

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PWR 840 MW, in operation since 1977; constructed by BW

Facilities in Crystal River

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Crystal River-3PWR196719772013

Undersized motor operator had been installed on the pressurizer spray valve, problems have been experienced with this valve in the past. condition existed for an indeterminate period.


Design error: reactor building flood level exceeds the level necessary to prevent submergence of safe shutdown instrumentation and equipment, during a LOCA the affected equipment may not peform their safety functions.


RCP shaft failure due to vibrations. The original shaft of the RCP sheared off in 1986. After the shaft sheared off in ultrasonic testing revealed cracks in the shafts in the three other RCPS also. The shafts in all 4 pumps were replaced. (Vibrations occured also in a feedwater pump). -> Power reduced to 65%.


Steam leaked into the emergency feedwater system.


scram due to broken stem nut on MFW isolation valve