Chinon (France)

Map of Chinon

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Chinon A with 3 GCR units from 1960s are closed.
Chinon B: 4*900 MW PWR units constructed by Framatome which are operating since 1982/83 and 1986/87.

Facilities in Chinon

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Decrees authorizing EdF to load MOX fuel into four 900-MW-class PWRs at Chinon are being signed by various ministers.
The MOX issue is highly sensitive because a common platform negotiated between Jospin´s Socialists and the Greens prior to the elections calls for a moratorium on the fabrication of MOX fuels. The wording of the platform is not, however precise. The Greens say it means a stop to MOX use and production, while the Socialists interpret it as permitting coninuation of MOX fabrication at the 100-metric-ton annual throughput level authorized in Cogema´s current Melox license. The BWR line would not - at least not initially - increase annual throughput at Melox, but rather would allow Cogema to diversify its production.


Over-insertion of control rods; followed at series of similar events at french PWRs. The problem is associated with load following operation. Nuclear inspection authority DSIN rated the event as level 2, because of the generic character (frequency < 10 per reactor and duty cycle).


RCS water level measure indicated a level of 10.8 m during outage because of an air pocket at the top of RPV, due to closure of venting line. The RCS level was in fact 10 m, a level that should have triggered special containment measures. the anomaly was discovereed 20 hours later, when the vessel opening allowed the air to escape.


Fire in a transit room used for storage of vinyl uniformes located next to the fuel building.


Corrosion at the bottom of containment liners found throughwall at some places during inspections.


Maintenance fault involving a mixup between unit 3 and 4 led to a leak of primary coolant from unit 3 (operating at full power).