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Chelyabinsk now Ozersk: Plutonium Reprocessing and storage facility

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ChelyabinskPu processing & storage

Most of Russia's stockpile of separated plutonium will likely be relocated eventually to a central storage area at Ozersk, formerly Chelyabinsk-65, Russian diplomatic sources said last month. The final plan is linked to the fate of two plutonium processing centres near Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk, in central Siberia.
The Russian officials confirmed that parts of the Kremlin bureaucracy have laid preliminary plans to move all plutonium processing and storage to Ozersk, in the southern Ural Mountains.
At present, Ozersk is one of the country's three main plutonium processing and storage sites. Officially, the Ministry of Atomic Energy (Minatom) is holding on to plans to continue plutonium processing at Zheleznogorsk, formerly called Krasnoyarsk-26.
But plans to complete a plant to reprocess spent VVER-1000 fuel at the site are in serious trouble. Other officials added that if the new reprocessing project is abandoned, in the interest of economy, political acceptance, and physical protection it would make sense to move the inventory of plutonium from Zheleznogorsk to Ozersk.
At Seversk, a large stockpile of separated plutonium continues to build up from production of two 2,500-MW (thermal) light-water-cooled, graphite-moderated military reactors. These reactors will be shut by 2000.


RT-1 is reprocessing spent fuel from Bohunice V1 -
Regarding Mochovce Russia offered to reprocess spent fuel and return the separated plutonium - possibly as MOX to Slovakia. Gemans and Russians have talked about building a 90 million DM (61 million US$) MOX pilot plant adjacent to RT-1.
The offer was part of Russian plans to complete Mochovce without Western help.