Changping (China)

HTR 10 MW under constuction since 1994 (construction under a license of Siemens/ABB)

Facilities in Changping

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
ChangpingHTR 10 MW1994

At Changping about 40 km from Beijing China builds a pilot HTR - German officials said it is an "experimental pilot venture" -and expected to be finished & go critical in 1998. The plant shall aid development of follow-on HTRs.
Construction began in Nov. 1994. Project will be directed by a team of HTR experts at Quinghua University.
hina's HTR program is based in part on assistance and equipment provoided by Siemens, ABB, NUkem and the Juelich Research Center (KFA). Since Siemens and ABB have abandoned their effort to sell the German HTR China borrows from technology in the Siemens program to design and build a modular HTR.
Nukem which had been in charge of manufacturing HEU fuel for AVR and for the THTR 300, has exported to China the equipment its HTR Brennelement GmbH had developed and used for that purpose, now that the German HTR program was stopped.
[Also based on German technology Japan plans to produce coated particles for manufacture of fuel for its HTR porgram & US HTR experts have expressed interest in German fuel technology to solve fuel failures the US program has experienced]