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Iodine-131 release in the environment

The waste division of the Institute for radioelements (IRE) has performed a transfer of liquid radioactive waste from one tank to another one. Immediately afterwards – for reasons still unknown – radioactivity was released through the stack. The release is related to the vapour phase above a liquid waste solution in a tank. The quantity of radioactivity released into the environment is estimated at 45 GBq I-131.

This incident did not cause a contamination of the personnel, and their dose limits were neither exceeded.

The FANC requested the shutdown of the production till the solution of the problem

INES Rating: 3

On August 28th based on the analysis of environmental samples the Belgian authorities (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) have decided to implement protective actions, in particular restrictions on the consumption of local food produce (vegetables and milk), up to a distance of 5 km (sector North-East). In accordance with the ECURIE procedures the Commission immediately forwarded the alert notification to the ECURIE contact points in all Member States, Switzerland.