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South Australia: site, where radwaste storage is planned -

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WoomeraLLW Storage

Scientists had cleared the building of a nuclear waste dump near a military target range in South Australia's outback, the federal government said today.
The Science Minister said Defence Department activities were considered when identifying a preferred site for the proposed repository at Woomera in SA's north.
The preferred location was a 52 hectare site in the Commonwealth managed Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA), about one kilometre from the a Target Area, where defence and commercial companies frequently test missiles.

Australian newspapers report that the Defence Department was opposed to the low-level radioactive dump being established at the site.
But the Minister said all defence issues were examined when deciding a preferred site. "An extensive risk assessment was undertaken with respect to defence activities and the possible siting of the repository on the WPA," "All issues relating to defence use of the WPA have been fully examined by independent scientific consultants, who found that the national repository could be located on the WPA and could be accommodated along with defence use of Woomera." The Science Minister argued
that an Environmental Impact Statement had concluded the "risk from the repository from defence activities low and within acceptable operational parameters".

SA Premier Mike Rann today asked the government to release the Defence Department report raising concerns about the site. He said the Science Minister made no mention of the department concerns when announcing the dump would proceed .