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Dozens of protesters picketed the construction site of the new Lucas Heights .reactor in in southern Sydney. Police arrested 16 protesters after they blocked access to the site.

The new reactor will produce radioactive material for hospitals and be used for research. It will not generate power.
"The aim is to picket the site; the aim is to attempt to stop construction for the day, to symbolically say we shouldn't be building this nuclear reactor, said Bruce Thompson of Friends of the Earth. "It's Australia's and Sydney's significant terrorist threat, and it poses a serious health and safety risk to the residents of Sydney, he added.
State Greens lawmaker Ian Cohen said there was no way to prevent it being attacked by terrorists. "It's a sitting duck and it's right on the edge of a major population area,'' he said.
The new reactor will replace an aging reactor already in operation nearby that will be decommissioned when its replacement is ready


According to data of the Australian authorities an earthquake fold was discovered under the atomic reactor in Sydney, which is under construction. Scientists have found the unevenness with routine investigations at the building site, explained the authority for radiation protection and atomic security. Whether an increased earthquake risk exists and therefore a new location for the reactor has to be searched is examined at present.
The environmental protection organization Greenpeace is demanding a building stop. The 300 million Australian dollar (approximately 178 million Euro) expensive reactor in Lucas Heights in the southwest from Sydney was disputed from the beginning. The government in Canberra approved the building in April despite the protest of environmentalists and neighboring residents. The plant is not to produce electrical power, but radioactive material for the employment in medicine and research.
It is said that Sydney was never shaken by a heavy earthquake. 150 kilometers north - in Newcastle - however 13 people died in December 1989 because of an earthquake with the strength of 5.6 and high damage to property developed.