Brokdorf (Germany)

Map of Brokdorf

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1300 MW PWR constructed by KWU; commercial operation since 1986.

Facilities in Brokdorf

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In 2004 7 events rated INES 0 occured according to the BfS annual report.


In 2003 seven events rated INES 0 occured according to the BfS annual report.


A motordriven boat on the river Elbe rammed the cooling water intake. The event was of no safety significance. It had no effect on the intake's operation and the unit was not shut down.


Refueling revealed a cladding failiure wich led to a release of radioactive gases. Activity concentration outside the plant was about half of the limit. fuel load was terminated since the cause of the damage is unknown.Preussenelektra announced that it will replace the damaged fuel rods.


Leakage of sulfuric acid in the secondary system; because a valve was not completely closed. Leakage was from the condensate demineralizer.


During an ispection following an incident it was discovered that all 4 diesel generators were missing cover plates and a centering ring for the clutch housing. This would have prevented all 4 emergency power systems from functioning at any time in the unit's two year of commercial operation. Cause was a common mode failure during installation.


Refueling accident: Small amount of core scrap fell into the RPV.