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With investment from Japanese, French and German nuclear industries, a large-scale uranium mining project in northern Australia is under way for possible start-up in 2001. Jabiluka is the world's third-biggest undeveloped uranium deposit; accordingly, the quantity of toxic waste to be produced at the site will be extraordinary.
Jabiluka, the project site in question, is situated within the World-Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, 200km east of Darwin. It is also one of the areas officially recognized and demarcated by Australian Federal legislation as Aboriginal Lands. Land title holders in the Jabiluka area, the Mirrar Gundjehmi people, are unanimously and strongly opposed to the uranium mining. To protect their lands, they have refused all monetary and other kinds of inducements offered by Energy Resources of Australia (ERA), the mining company. From its beginning in late 1970s, the project has been controversial. ERA has a horrible track record of discharging radioactive and heavy-metal contaminated water from the milling operations of the Ranger uranium mine, located 20km south of Jabiluka.
In Australia, over 10,000 people have participated in Stop Jabiluka rallies in major cities and hundreds of protesters have joined the blockade camp in Jabiluka since March 1998.

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