Bataapati (Hungary)

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Site for the planned national LILW depository

Facilities in Bataapati

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BataapatiLILW repository

The Hungarian Parlament preliminary approved in principle a resolution to initiate activities for the establishment of the LILW repository.


In the village of Bátaapáti a referendum took place. Out of the 75 % of the inhabitants who took part 90,7 % voted in favour of the planned LILW repository.


The South-Transdanubian Office of the Hungarian Geological Survey accepted the final document of geological investigations carried out from bore-holes in 2002-2003 at the Bátaapáti (Üveghuta) site. The results confirm that the site is acceptable for a low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository. Further investigations from tunnels will be carried out to determine the actual place of the repository in the granite rock


Bátatom Kft has begun test drilling to find a suitable disposal site for low-level nuclear waste in Bátaapati, southern Hungary. Ft 2.9 billion will be spent this year on geological exploration, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2005. The total project will cost approximately Ft 40 billion. Currently, nuclear waste is deposited at a temporary storage facility.