Zorita (Spain)

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150 MW PWR; constructed by Westinghouse; operation since 1968, shut down in 2006

Facilities in Zorita

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Spain's oldest nuclear power unit, the 142-megawatt
Jose Cabrera-1, was permanently shut down in line with a decision made by the country's nuclear regulatory authority in 2002.


Hydrostatic test of the primary circuit before startup after one year of repairs (RPV head penetrations): a further defect was revealed in the vessel head pipe, which has not been inspected together with the penetrations.
After 17 month of repairs unit began its 21st operating cycle June 13.


Since the detection of the first cracks in vessel head penetrations - one of them was throughwall, subsequent inspections revealed nearly 200 crack indications. The cracks are not considered to be serious because of the 37 DRDM-adapters 17 are only in reserve. In October it is reported that the utility's plan for repair of the vessel head has been accepted.
Vessel head penetration repairs ended in Feb. 1995.


Same day unit was connected to the grid following maintenance outage. It was shutdown due to turbine oil system failure.