Braidwood (USA)

Map of Braidwood

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2 * 1100 MW PWR constructed by Westinghouse; in operation since 1987/88

Facilities in Braidwood

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Commonwealth Edison has decided that re-routing electrical cables at Braidwood will be cheaper than upgrading defective Thermo-Lag fire barriers to meet NRC requirements. NRC declared the Thermo-Lag barriers across the industry inoperable in 1992.
ComEd has been working with Transco Products Inc. and Darchem Engineering to adapt a different fire barrier, known as Darmatt, to upgrade/replace Thermo-Lag at its LaSalle, Braidwood, and Byron stations.
But the Darmatt job at LaSalle turned out to be expensive, approximately $ 21600 per meter installed.
ComEd spokesman Gary Wald said that after a "small scale, pilot project" at Braidwood, it was decided that re-routing would be "more cost effective".


Mid-cycle inspection of SG found the tubes continuing to degrade at the rate predicted. Tubes plugged range from 2% to about 15% in the 4 SG.
SG replacement is planned for 1998 - ( also for Byron-1)


SG tube leak: 1140 liters per day reached within 6 hours.


Coolant leak outside containment during testing when RHR isolation valve was opened.


Failure in the steam line break analysis, regarding the ability of the valves to isolate auxiliary feed flow to a faulted SG.


One EDG inoperable because of a failed dropping resistor in the governor unit. Similar failures have ocurred at Braidwood-2 and Byron.


260.000 liters of RCS water leaked through the suction relief valve of one of the RHR's trains. Unit was restarted after refueling outage; Relief valve opened below setpoint.