Hanbit (former Yonggwang) (South Korea)

Map of Hanbit (former Yonggwang)

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2 * 900 MW PWR; constructed by Westinghouse; operation since 1986
4 * 950 MW PWR, in operation since1994-2002

Facilities in Hanbit (former Yonggwang)

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Hanbit-1 (former Yonggwang-1)PWR19801986
Hanbit-2 (former Yonggwang-2)PWR19801986
Hanbit-3 (former Yonggwang-3)PWR19891994
Hanbit-4 (former Yonggwang-4)PWR19891995
Hanbit-5 (former Yonggwang-5)PWR19972001
Hanbit-6 (former Yonggwang-6)PWR19972002

A Shutdown at unit 2 because of a SG tube leak occured. The release is below permissible levels. The unit resumed in operation after plugging 3 SG tubes.
Cracks have also been found at Kori-1.