Wuergassen (Germany)

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BWR 640 MW constructed by KWU; shutdown 1995

Facilities in Wuergassen

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In 2004 one event rated INES 0 occured according to the BfS annual report.


Preussen Elektra decides to close Wuergassen because of financial reasons: necessary repairs and modernistaion would at least cost 200 million DM and would involve the plant being out of operation for at least two years....


During examination cracks were found in austenitic materials: in core support grid which holds in place fuel assemblies and control rods - cracks are in the in the upper and lower areas. Cracking in the core shroud may not be repairable at the 21 year old plant. Preussen elektra is now evaluating the costs of repairing or decommissioning:
repairing the core shroud would cost ca. 100 million US$ [DM 150 million]; Plus the necessary backfits and modernization for about 150- 180 million US$ [DM 200- 250 million].


NDE showed irregularities in isolation valves on the RCPs. Examination of computer codes showed: the setpoints of the valves had been incorrectly established:. False calibration affected all redundant components !


Wheel disk in the turbine medium pressure section was shut down (signs of cracking in the vicinity of the radial drill holes).


2 defective welds found in a 3.5-meter pipe length (diameter 400 mm) in the LPIS : cracks are in a circumferential weld. Depth of the cracks is varying up to 10.7 mm, i.e. half the pipe wall. Cracks have been formed when shop welds were made during construction. Break of this pipe would have triggered a LOCA.


Fuel channel cutting device fell into the spent fuel pool. When the equipment hit the bottom of the pool the housing was damaged and water leaked into the device.


Maintenance led to closing of a MSIV -> scram . All 6 safety and relief valves opened , but 2 of them weren't closed properly. Failure of regulating valve.


Isolation valve between HP and LP safety injection system failed open.