Bradwell (United Kingdom)

Map of Bradwell

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2 * 150 MW Magnox reactor (GCR twin unit); operation started in 1962 - constructed by TNPG, shut down in 2002.

Facilities in Bradwell

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"On 14 April 2004 there was a release of radioactivity in the reactor building at Bradwell Power station operated by Magnox Electric plc.

The incident occurred while preparations were being made to lower a camera into the reactor which was to be used to observe some modified equipment for defuelling. The operation involved opening a set of valves and the wrong valve was opened which lead to the release because unexpectedly the reactor was under pressure. The contamination alarm sounded but there was some delay before the area was evacuated.

6 members of staff received small doses of radiation below legal limits. The incident is still under investigation by NII."


Embrittlement of RPV welds detected -> pressure reduced. Operating restrictions, e.g. slower startup.