Wellenberg (Switzerland)

Location for the plannend LILW final repository

Facilities in Wellenberg

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
WellenbergLILW Repository2002

The canton of Nidwalden overturned its decision from 2001. So it was decided that Wellenberg had to be abandoned as a possible site for a LILW repository.


The governing council of the canton of Nidwalden granted a concession to construct an exploratory gallery at Wellenberg.


Switzerland's upper house of parliament has ruled that there can be no special federal law - a so-called "Lex Wellenberg" - to ease the way for development of a low- and intermediate-level (LLW/ILW) waste repository at Wellenberg, a course recommended by a parliamentary commission.
The lower house of parliament, in its spring session, is expected to take a similar stand. In June, voters of the surrounding canton of Nidwalden refused to support a cantonal government body approval of a project permit to waste agency Nagra. This vote caused a political dilemma since residents of the community of Wolfschiessen itself had approved, by a two-third's majority, the siting of the waste repository in their local Wellenberg mountain.
A solution must await the complete revision of the Swiss nuclear law.


Federal Executive Council approved Nagra's project for a repository & will issue the necessary underground concessions and permissions.
Popular vote is scheduled for June 1995.
Wolfschiessen, the community hosting the repository voted heavily in favor of the project. But cantonal approval which is needed for the underground work was disapproved from 6 of the 11 communities. The immediate effect is a delay for underground construction work.
Nagra has invested more than 50 million Swiss francs (US $ 43 million) investigating the site over more than a decade.