Watts Bar (USA)

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2 * 1200 MW PWR units ; constructed by Westinghouse;
unit-1 started operation in 1992

Facilities in Watts Bar

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Watts Bar-1PWR19721992
Watts Bar-2PWR1972

Small oil leak in FW pump led to burning of insulation.Power was reduced.


Less than a week after receiving a full-power operating license, the Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Watt Bar-1 shut down so the main turbine lubricating oil system could be cleaned.
The system was contaminated with cellulose fibers and paint chips that had probably settled years ago and were loosened as the unit reached 15% power. Employees had filtered the oil and were cleaning out the tank Tuesday and TVA planned to restart the reactor - shut February 11 - within a couple of days, NRC approved the Watts Bar-1 full-power operating license February 6.TVA plans to bring Watts Bar-1 to full-power operation within two to three months given that equipment operates properly.
Watts Bar-1 is likely the last nuclear unit TVA will bring into operation. Watts Bar-2 and Bellefonte-1 and -2 are partially completed, but TVA has said it will not finish them as nuclear units unless a partner willing to shoulder the remaining construction costs comes forward, and it plans to leave Browns Ferry-1 idle.
Watts Bar-1 is the first nuclear unit to receive a full-power operating license since 1992, when the NRC approved one for Texas Utilities Electric Co.'s Comanche Peak-2, the last unit ordered by a US investor-owned utility that came into operation.


The Westinghouse four-loop PWR went critical for the first time January 18, and TVA started tests.
During low-power testing, TVA also found and corrected problems with the agreement of rod position indications and fixed an oil pump on a reactor coolant pump.


The Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA) plannes mid-November fuel loading at Watts Bar-1.
The 1,170-MW Westinghouse PWR has been under constructions since 1973, at a cost of $ 6.8-billion.
TVA first certified to NRC that Watts Bar-1 was ready to load fuel in 1985; but in fact the plant had suffered what NRC called a quality assurance breakdown that has taken 10 years to adress.
November 13, 193 fuel assemblies at Watts Bar-1 had been loaded.
Watts Bar-1´s low-power license permits TVA to operate the reactor at up to 5% power. In the weeks ahead, numerous tests will be conducted, and the reactor coolant system will be heated to operating temperature and pressure. TVA expects to take Watts Bar-1 critical around January 1.
During the commission meeting, NRC staffers and TVA executives described the wholesale overhaul of management and operations at Brown Ferry-3 since the 1,098-MW General Electric BWR was shut in March 1985, when management and operations turmoil shut all five TVA nuclear units. Brown Ferry-1 and -3 have been down ever since.


The fate of unit-2 remains a question for the federal utility's IRP process, due to be completed in 1996.
TVA has spent 1200 million US$ to bring the plant to 70% completion, but has no plan to finish it.


TVA moved nearer to getting a low power license for Watts Bar-1, after completing with minor problems a second hot functional test. ( test without fuel at 370°C). With the test completed TVA is on the fast track to load fuel. On September 5 two public meetings will be hald in Sweetwater to allow public comment. NRC staff will address the public comments in the licensing process.