Vandellos (Spain)

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Unit-1 : shutdown in 1990 after a severe fire.
Unit-2: 940 MW PWR ; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1987.

Facilities in Vandellos

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The plant near to the northeastern port of Tarragona had been disconnected since the morning of the 12th Nov. after a control rod had fallen into the reactor core 4 days earlier.

Vandellos-2 was reconnected to the national grid on Thursday afternoon (13th), the plant’s operators said in a statement.


Vandellos II plant was halted automatically when one of its generators caught fire.
The fire was extinguished within 90 minutes, but the CSN said the plant would be halted until the full extent of the damage could be determined. A separate statement from Vandellos II’s operators said checking the damaged plant could take several weeks. The watchdog added that the fire at Vandellos II had no radioactive consequences, and people and the environment were at no risk at Garona.


Spain's only gas-cooled reactor was shut down after a severe fire in October 1989.
Demolition started, involving the disposal of 2000 tons low level radioactive waste. Abozt 80% of the installation will be removed over a three-year pewriod - leaving the reactor encased within a safety shield.
The demolition will be assisted by EDF, cost are estimated at Euros 270 Million.
The 200 tons of spent fuel are to be reprocessed in France.


shut down following a leak in RCS from the reactor drain bypass valve


Fire damaged one of the 2 turbine generators. The fire began with a hydrogen explosion that partially disabled the ECCS for several hours. The explosion was caused by turbine vibrations which led to rupture of a fastener beating of the turbine shaft. The turbine vibrations also led to rupture of a condenser intake pipe, with an ensuing flood that unlashed an estimated total of 4000 cubic meters of water in lower floors of the turbine and reactor buildings. It took 4 hours to bring the fire under control, When the fire was extinguished 2 of the 4 gas circulator systems and 2 of the 4 main heat exchanger systems were knocked out and 2 RHR systems in the reactor basements were disabled by flooding. The plant continued to be cooled by the 2 remaining circulators. The extent of the damage is estimated at $ 100 million, The CO-2 coolant gas that normally circulates around the core has been replaced with air for long-term cooling.


Fire burned out 1 of the 3 transformer outlets (terminals were changed in September, after 2 earlier fires linked to these terminals, one in June and one in August)