Hanul (former Uljin) (South Korea)

2 * 900 MW PWR constructed by Framatome; in operation since 1988/89;
2 * 950 MW PWR units in operation since 1998;
2 * 960 MW PWR unit in operation since 2003/2005

Facilities in Hanul (former Uljin)

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Hanul 4 (former Uljin-4)PWR19931998
Hanul 5 (former Uljin-5)PWR19992003
Hanul-1 (former Uljin-1)PWR19821988
Hanul-2 (former Uljin-2)PWR19821989
Hanul-3 (former Uljin-3)PWR19931998
Hanul-6 (former Uljin-6)PWR19992005

The nuclear power reactor has suffered a rupture of one of its steam generator tubes. The tubes contain water superheated by contact with the reactor's radioactive fuel, and a tube breach is an event nuclear operators are always on guard against.
The tube leakage enlarged to a rupture as the unit was being shut down for maintenance, which is an unusual time for such an incident, and the cause for the leakage is still being sought. The steam generator tubes were inspected for degradation that might have caused the leak before the NPP restarted May 27, and only minor corrosion problems were found, plant management said.
No one was injured and no radiation released. All safety systems worked as planned, according to both plant managers and regulators.
But the incident occurred at a unit built from a US design adapted by South Korean engineers. Four reactors of that design are operating and more are being built, so there is concern whether any problem in one unit could extend to others.


Unit was taken off line after excessive noise was heard from the turbine. Low pressure fans in the turbine had ruptured and damage had also been found in the same locations in unit-1's turbine.


short circuit in the generator caused by faulty assembly