Tsuruga (Japan)

Map of Tsuruga

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unit-1: 340 MW BWR constructed by General Electric; grid connection in 1969.

Facilities in Tsuruga

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During a periodic inspection, cracks were found on the inside of the primary coolant inlet piping nozzle stubs of steam generators A, B and C.


The No.1 nuclear power plant will close in 2010. The amount of waste is expected to total 200,000 tons.


Japan Atomic Power Co is seeking approval from the Fukui prefecture government in central Japan to construct two 1.540-Megawatts pressurized water reactors at its Tsuruga nuclear power facility at a cost of 830 billion yen (6.84 billion US dollars). If approval is gained this year and construction starts in 2003, Japan Atomic plans to have both units operating in 2010/11.


Radioactive coolant water leaks from a cracked stainless steel pipe, which is believed to be corrosion resistant.
(source: Greenpeace nuclear accident calendar)


Cracks and traces of expansion are being found repeatedly on control rods used in boiling water reactors. During a regular inspection of the control rod drive system at Tsuruga 1 (357 MW) on October 23, one control rod stopped functioning. It was found that a part of the rod had expanded and was caught on the channel box of the fuel assembly. The rod also had 11 expanded spots and 143 cracks (24,5 cm maximum). Another rod with 24 cracks (1,9 cm maximum) and 10 expanded spots was also found.


Shutdown due to incraese in drain volume in the container vessel


Increase of containment floor drain water


Foreign substance entered into sealing of RC pump


Control rod found disconnected from its drive mechanism during inspection.