Trojan (USA)

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1100 MW PWR ; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1975.

Facilities in Trojan

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Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) wrapped up the first phase in its Trojan decommissioning this month when crews removed the plant's 125-ton pressurizer vessel and buried it at a low-level nuclear waste disposal facility near Richland, Wash.
The Utility completed the large component removal phase as planned, on schedule and under budget.
PGE had budgeted $18,5-million for the Phase 1 and figures total cost at $425-million, in 1993 dollars.
The utility does not plan any further, major dismantling until 1997, when the reactor vessel internals will be moved to the plant's spent fuel pool. PGE is limited in how much decommissioning it can do until it moves the spent fuel out of the pool, allowing it to shut down that operation.
The utility now plans to install a Sierra Nuclear dry storage system at the plant site in mid-1998. Its goal is to complete decommissioning in 2000.


SG tube leak exceeding the limit of 500 liters per day (leak was estimated at 760 l/d). Leak was caused by improper post weld stress relief of a sleeve installed in 1991. The tube was plugged and other sleeves were inspected.


HPCI: cenrtifugal charging pump developed excessive seal leakage; the amount of contaminated water during an accident could overhelm the control room emergency ventilation systems´ability to remove contaminants.


A number of items and debris were found in the containment sump with the inner sump screen missing.