Tarapur (India)

Map of Tarapur

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2 * 190 MW BWR constructed by General Electric; grid connection in 1969
1 * 490 MW PHWR; grid connection in 2005
1 * 490 MW PHWR; grid connection in 2006

Facilities in Tarapur

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India's much larger economy, with far less aid historically from the U.S., is generally believed able to whithstand sanctions far better than Pakistan.
India diverted Plutonium from the Canadian supplied Cirus reactor for its first bomb in 1974. As a conseauence canada stooped cooperation with Rajastan-1 operating & R-2 half built. India cloned the PHWr and completed R-2. Since then India constructed 6 more unsafeguarded reactors.
A spokesman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) said the Tarapur NPP near Mumbai (Bombay), built by General Electric before India's first nuclear test in 1974 and the only U.S.-supplied power station in India, will not be affected by the latest sanctions. Tarapur faced a problem securing low-enriched uranium fuel in 1983 when the U.S. suspended supplies because of India's stand on the Nuclear Nonprofileration Treaty. France bridged the gap for a decade, but it too backed out in 1993.

China, signed a commercial deal to supply the material in 1995.


Tube leak in the loop of emergency condenser -> release of 450 GBq to the environment.