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A higher-than-normal release of radioactive gas from the Unit 1 turbine building vent at the Susquehanna plant near Berwick was reported.It lasted less than an hour,
The release was from the off gas system via a drain trap which entered the ventilation system which then exited out the vent stack. The release was greater than 2 times the Technical Specification limit (208 microcuries per minute. No iodine was released just noble gases.
The incident was classified as an "unusual event," which is the lowest of the four emergency classifications established by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for nuclear power plants.


Failures of refueling machine: part of refueling mast dropped unexpectedly -> the mast was bent. Later guides were banged against the RPV; Next day the mast dropped a second time.


Turbine vibrations: 2 turbine buckets on the low pressure turbine separated from rotor resulting in damage. Torsional vibration had weakened the metal of the blades. The 2 loose blades damaged other blades as well as about 50 condenser tubes - situated below the turbine. - The turbine was replaced in 1985.


Eergency switchgear room cooling was subject to failure if a single failure ocurred in the chill water system. Design error existed since initial operation.


Design error in the control room ventilation would allow certain dampers to fail shut that would be needed to remain open during an accident.


Single failure could prevent automatic initiation of cooling to the emergency switchgear rooms during a loss of offsite power or a LOCA.


Diesel fuel oil storage tank capacity was below required amounts; Design error, existed since initial operation.


Short in a curcuit breaker disabled the RHR system for more than 6 hours. Unit was shut down for repair when the failure occured. To control reactor temperature operators opened up 3 safety relief valves that took steam from reactor and put it into the suppression pool. The CR drive pump brought water back into the reactor to stabilize its temperature at 250 120°C (feed & bleed in BWR). New circuit breakers were installed in unit-1 and -2.