Virgil C. Summer (USA)

Map of Virgil C. Summer

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900 MW PWR unit; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1982.

Facilities in Virgil C. Summer

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Virgil C. Summer-1PWR19731982
Virgil C. Summer-2PWR2013

Crack indications on 3 SG tubes underwent an unprecedented growth in one 18-month operating cycle. NRC: "those kinds of crack growth rates have not been observed, certainly not in this country and I don't think in Europe either."


Reactor building purge exhaust radiation monitor has been inoperable for purge exhaust operations since initial operation in 1982, error in computer software that performs the setpoint calculations caused a nonconservative failure.


Pressurizer safety valve lifted spuriously, relieving reactor coolant.


Spurious opening of pressurizer safety valve.