Blayais (France)

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4* 900 MW PWR constructed by Framatome. operation started between 1981 and 1983

Facilities in Blayais

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The management of Electricite de France's (EDF) Blayais nuclear plant and local police are seeking the person who poured some 500 grams of sodium chloride - table salt - into the secondary circuit of the 900-MW Blayais-3 PWR December 9. The unit was stopped when the abnormally high salt content was detected, and the circuit purged, a spokesman said.
A lawsuit was filed against "X". Only accredited personnel were allowed in the area where the NaCI might have been injected.
Although the spokesman said the act had "no consequences" for plant safety. Blayais manager Martine Griffon-Fouco said management was "worried" because "this act could have had a potential impact." She said that "strange things" had been happening at Blayais "since the beginning of the week." including several turbine trips.
The incident is believed to be part of CGT actions during strikes.


Spent fuel rod broke apart during manipulation. Two pieces fell into the spent fuel pool and a third remained in the manipulator. All were recovered immediatly and check showed no excess levels of radioactivity.


Failure of a control rod to respond to controls because of the presence of a foreign object - detected during tests.


Generic deficiency found in the design of supports for SG emergency FW pumps at all EdF's 900 MW PWRs. Their motion during an earthquake could damage piping. EdF decided to replace them with horizontal seismic blocks at all units. First was installed in Blayais-4.


Two technicians were contaminated as they were reopening a spent fuel shipping cask to adjust the position of a cover seal.


After refueling operators noticed that the spent fuel pool strainers had not been put back in place after the last outage in December 1989. These strainers, designed to protect the pool's orifices - used to collect water from containment spray in case of an accident - from foreign objects, had been removed for maintenance.


Spurious dilution of primary coolant with non borated water from secondary circuit. Incident was due to a maintenance error during an outage. Technicians had extracted part of a SG and forgot to plug the tube opening remaining in the SG. When the secondary side of the SG was being filled with water in preparation for restart, 30 m³ meters of non-borated water leaked into the primary side.


Pre-restart tests showed that 2 of the 53 control rod clusters were blocked. The reactor had to be reopened for repair (damaged guide cards blocked the rods).
Deformation was traced to vibration of the rods within the guid tubes.