St. Lucie (USA)

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2 PWR 840 MW units constructed by CE; in operation since 1976/83

Facilities in St. Lucie

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FP&L has suspended a worker who started a boron dilution at St. Lucie-1, then left briefly to fix his lunch without telling a coworker the procedure was going on.
According to the NRC, the operator began the manual boron dilution January 22 after noticing the reactor coolant system cold loop temperature had decreased from 287 °C, which is normal for 100% power, to 287,5°C.
Boron dilutions are done periodically at plants as fuel burns up. Boron reduces the number of neutrons moving around, which decreases the rate of fission and the water temperature. To increase the temperature, the FP&L operator was adding water.
While performing the dilution, the worker - a control board reactor controls operator - saw the desk operator return from the kitchen and asked to be relieved so he could fix his lunch. The worker left, but didn't tell the desk operator about the boron dilution in progress.
When the control board operator returned five to 10 minutes later, he realized his mistake. As hi was correcting the problem, the control room annunciator alarmed because water temperature had increased to 549,9 degrees, and St. Lucie-1 briefly entered Technical Specification Limiting Condition for Operation action statement for coolant temperature. Operators brought the temperature back down in about an hour by adding boron.


shutdown because of an infestation of jelly fish in the intake canal that clogged intake screens, bloclking water flow to the plant. unit-2 was not affected because of the location of its intake canal. fish are coming in waves and have to be removed physically.