Sosnowi Bor (Russia)

Map of Sosnowi Bor

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Sosnowi Bor (former Leningrad NPP) near St.Petersburg hosts 3 units RBMK-reactors with 1000 MW , in operation since 1973-79 constructed by MTM

Facilities in Sosnowi Bor

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Sosnowi Bor-1RBMK 100019701973
Sosnowi Bor-2RBMK 100019701975
Sosnowi Bor-3RBMK 100019731979
Sosnowi Bor-4RBMK 100019751981

Finland is granting US$ 10 million to aid modenization to the plant: Early-warning and incident reaction system. Part of the grant will be spent on nuclear waste storage and handling facilities.


Leak in RCS after a pipe burst while repair work was carried out in deareater. Radioactive vapor escaped activity levels near the plant increased up to 180 µR/h - but only for about 2 hours). Release was within the limit.


Rupture of a fuel channel. Release of radioactivity in gaseous and aerosol form (maximum: 21.000GBq). Failure was due to overheating that occured when an isolation control valve opened accidentally and coolant flow decreased. Fuel elements in the top part of the fuel assembly have lost their leaktightness. (Level 3)