Bilibino (Russia)

Map of Bilibino

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4* 10 MW LWGR units; generating heat and electricity for the Sibirian town Bilibino. It is worldwide the only NPP in the permafrost region.

Facilities in Bilibino

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Bilibino-1RBMK 1019701974
Bilibino-2RBMK 1019701974
Bilibino-3RBMK 1019701975
Bilibino-4RBMK 1019701976

Workers begun strike in protest at wage arrears dating back several month. Only a minimum of operations to ensure safety are maintained.

Two of the 4 units are currently in operation. The finance crisis could also lead to closure of these two units because the plant's nuclear waste repository is full and there are no funds for reconstruction.