Sendai (Japan)

Map of Sendai

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2* 850 MW PWR constructed by MHI ; grid connectien in 1983/85

Facilities in Sendai

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"Deterioration was found in 13 heat transfer tubes in the steam generators (4 pipes in SG A, 2 in SGB and 7 in SG C). Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of Inconel 600 alloy was found on the inside surface of the tubesheet expansion portion in the primary coolant inlet side. The damaged pipes will be plugged at the tubesheet and not used."


"During periodic inspection in Sendai-1, damage was found in 13 tubes in the steam generator. Stress corrosion cracks were found in the tube expansion zone of the hot leg side."


Strong quakes continue around Sendai nuclear plant:

On 26 March, 3 and 5 April, strong earthquakes jolted Sendai City. Although quake activity quieted for a time, tremors also occurred on 13-14 May. On to the Japanese intensity scale of 0 to 7, the first three registered between upper-5 and lower-5, and the latter two registered a lower 6 and a 4. There have also been numerous aftershocks.
Kyushu Electric Power, however, claims that as the nuclear plants are built on solid rock, the tremor was not felt as strongly.


damage to spindle of primary flow regulator valve found during inspection


14 RC pump vane bolts found damaged during inspection.