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Savannah RiverProcessing Center

DOE announced that it has selected the Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina as the preferred alternative site for a plant to fabricate weapons plutonium into mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for burning in commercial reactors.

DOE reviewed four sites for both facilities: SRS, Pantex, the Hanford Site in Washington, and the Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory (INEEL). In a press release, DOE said that Hanford´s cleanup mission is critical and should remain its top priority. The department said that INEEL should focus on cleanup and nuclear technology.

SRS and the Pantex Plant in Texas were selected as equal preferred locations to build a plant that would disassemble weapons Pu pits and prepare the Pu for disposition.

The Senate passed June 18 giving DOE $56.7-million FY-99 to procure pu disposition services, including design of a MOX fabrication plant.