Rostov (Russia)

Map of Rostov

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3* 1000 MW PWR reactors WWER 1000 under construction;
On 30 March 2001 the first power unit started operation
(Rostov = Volgodonsk NPP)
In March 2010 the second power unit started operation

Facilities in Rostov

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Rostov-1 WWER 100019812001
Rostov-2 WWER 100019832010
Rostov-3 WWER 10001989

The building permission for Rostov 2 was issued in November 2002. Start of operation is planned in 2005.


Rostov-1 was automatically shut down because of a defect in the unit's power generator. The event has been rated level one on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). There was no change in radioactive background caused by this event.


The first power unit of the Rostov nuclear power station started operation.

The principal argument of the opponents of the construction of the Rostov power station is that the plant is in the vicinity of an unstable region ? the North Caucasus.


Minatom started fuel load at Rostov-1 - a VVER 1000 reactor. First criticality is sceduled for February.
Rostov is the first of 10 reactors, were advanced construction was stopped in the 1990ies, because Rosenergoatom had no money.
The next reactors to be completed, will follow at Kalinin, Kursk and Beloyarsk !!
Local and regional governments supported the completion of the NPP, opposition came from represantatives of the Cossak army.