Robinson (USA)

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660 MW PWR unit; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1970.

Facilities in Robinson

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During startup at 30% power a damaged SG was discovered. Damage was caused by loose parts. 17-2-94 new damage was found: foreign particle of about 500 g in one of the SG


Shutdown, when it was discovered that 6 new fuel assemblies had been installed incorrectly. (failure of utility and fuel maunufacturer Siemens Power Corp.) -- It was also found that miscalibrated instrumentation was giving operators false power level readings (e.g. 20% during restart instead of 30 %).


Inadequate NPSH for auxiliary feedwater: Design deficiency in the AFW suction piping arrangement, 2 of the 3 AFW pumps were declared inoperable. Cond. existed since initial startup. In Dez.86 and July 87 the utility had noticed reduced flow rate. When all pumps are operating the flow rate should be 4500 liters /min., but in fact it was about 3400. Utility did not believe it posed safety concern until 3 accident scenarios were newly analyzed: Station blackout, ATWS and small LOCA. Piping has to be replaced: 75 m of carbon steel piping. (costs US$ 475000 in labor and material).