Rancho Seco (USA)

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PWR 900 MW constructed by B&W; shutdown 1989

Facilities in Rancho Seco

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Rancho Seco-1PWR196919741989

A new study has been presented which explores options for reducing decommissioning costs; Troubled by rising LLW disposal costs owner wants to start dismantling as soon as possible.
Original decommissioning cost estimate (1991) : 281 million US$; the new study estimates an increase to 365 millionUS$ of which a big part is tied to LLW managment.
Based on the new study plans were presented in October 1995 which called for earlier dismantlement and extensive use of volume reduction for LLW: Instead of a Safstor approuch under which dismantlement would start in 2008 the new Decon approach could start in 1998.
Using advanced reduction methods the material that needs to be sent to an LLW could be reduced from 5880 m³. to 4200 m³.
Safstor would cost 440 million US$ but Decon could lower costs to 350 million US$.


Shutdown after public referendum!