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PyongsanLLW storage site

The Republik of Korea (ROK), which last year blasted plans made by Taiwan to export its low-level waste (LLW) to a repository in Pyongsan in North Korea, itself is considering using the site to dispose of South Korean LLW following Korean reunification, government and industry officials in Korea said last month.
Little or no progress would be made anytime soon by Korea Electric Power Corp. (Kepco) in finding a site in South Korea for disposal of the country´s LLW.
In the meantime, however, another official said, the ROK is anticipating that, after Korea is reunified, Kepco´s LLW may be disposed of in the second of two shafts of a former iron mine at Pyongsan, in the Democratic People´s Republik of Korea (DPRK).
According to sources who have been to the Pyongsan site, some DPRK waste is now stored in the first shaft, but the second shaft is empty.
The second shaft would have served as a repository for Taiwan´s LLW, had its waste export to the DPRK not have been frozen by diplomatic objections, including those from both the U.S. and the ROK.
One year ago, senior Korean officials denounced the plan by Taiwan to dispose of its LLW at Pyongsam, charging the disposal posed a radiological hazard.