Pilgrim (USA)

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670 MW BWR constructed by General Electric; grid connection in 1972.

Facilities in Pilgrim

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Electrical problem in the main generator caused a lockout of the generator and a reactor trip - generator received some damage - Plant will be down for inspections and repairs at least a month. Stator bars will be replaced, cost will be between US$6 and 8 million.


RCIC injection block valve inadvertently opened during a test and RCIC check valve leaked feedwater back through RCIC suction piping and out of a relief valve.


Loss of backup air supply on containment isolation valves.


Reactor went critical after a prolonged outage of 32 month. Several houres after operators began pulling control rods the unit was shut down because it turned out that 3 of the 8 intermediate range neutron detectors were defective.