Perry (USA)

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1200 MW BWR constructed by General Electric; grid connection in 1986.

Facilities in Perry

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Utility published revised estimates for decommissioning costs: 1987: 141 million US$
1993: 502 million US$
Annual contribution to decommissioning fond is 1,3 million US$
The study performed by TLG Services assumes removal of all structures from the site and a 5 year minimum cooling period for spent fuel - without cooling the cost decrease to 488 million US$.


End of an extended outage; unit was originally scheduled to come back on line in May, but the outoge was extended to repair cracked fiberglass service water piping


Loss of shutdown cooling during valve testing. Plant was down since February for maintenance. Temperature rose from 38 to 40°C. Cooling was restored during 53 min. After filling and venting suction valves were reopened, but RPV level indication dropped 280 mm probably caused by water hammer.


During outage after pipe break debris in RHR system was discovered on the intake in the suppression pool. This was material from temporary dry-well cooling filters, which had been left in containment after maintenance and had been dropped in the pool. The debris could have hampered recirculation to the RHR pumps in a LOCA.


Rupture of a 760 mm fiberglass service water line -> Lower levels of the plant flooded in turbine building, control complex and auxiliary building: about 320.000 liters of water were collected. The broken pipe was buried. Utility has noticed water bubbling to the surface and was isolating systems to determine the source of water, when the pipe broke.


Leaking fuel rod: the plant has been plagued by fuel leaks since it started operation: 2 fuel rods in 1988, one in 1990, 2 in 1992 ; and 1 in 1993 (radioactive releases to the environment and within the plant were below the limits- evidence of leaking fuel was first detected in mid-1992 and the level had been gradually increasing)


Scram on low reactor vessel levelectrical RCIC and HPCS injected 90.000 liters


3 of 4 steam line isolation valves had leakage exceeding the limits an had the potential to exceed control room whole body dose limits during an accident


Rupture of a nonisolable 910 mm circulating water pipe
caused shutdown. The fiberglass pipe was bringing cold water back from cooling tower, Break was at an elbow above ground and was attributed to inadequate design of pipe supports.


During testing 3 control rods exceeded their maximum scram time. Cause: slow response of the scram solenoid pilot valves.


HPCS: Emergency power source was inoperable for more than 72 hours. Additives and degradation of the tank coating caused fuel oil sediments.


RCIC system inoperable since 1.11.89., because of a design deficiency.


Fire in charcoal absorbers of waste gas system.