Penly (France)

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2 * 1300 MW PWR constructed by Framatome. operation started 1990/92

Facilities in Penly

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Fire and abnormal primary circuit leak occured at Penly NPP n°2 reactor

"On 5 April 2012, at around 12 midday local time, ASN was informed by the operator EDF that a fire had started in the n°2 reactor building of the Penly NPP (North-West of France). The reactor automatically shut down.

EDF teams and the local firemen brigades entered the reactor building and extinguished burning oil. The firemen ensured the fire was totally extinguished. The event conducted EDF to put in action an emergency plan in the eventuality of fire.

On 5 April 2012, at around 07.30 PM local time, following the event of the afternoon, ASN was informed by EDF that there was an abnormal leak on the primary circuit of Penly NPP n°2 reactor. This defect caused a water leak above the normal values. This leak was collected by dedicated circuits.

The situation conducted EDF to apply incidental procedures to run its installation. Therefore, the water pressure and temperature of the primary circuit have reduced.

On 6 April 2012, at around 7 AM local time, ASN received confirmation by EDF that the leak in the primary pump n°1 of the Penly NPP n°2 reactor had stopped.

The ASN regional office in Caen performed an inspection, on 6 April, at the Penly NPP. After further assessment of the incident, ASN, accordingly to its obligation of transparency, will issue the conclusions of this inspection on the ASN website

The restarting of the reactor will have to be first authorized by ASN, only after obtaining the conclusions of the technical assessment of the incident performed by ASN and its technical support organization the IRSN.

This incident did not lead to any consequences for the environment."



Reactor coolant level fell 600 mm during outage. Incorrect draining procedure.


Exposure of 30 workers during maintenance work, Radiation doses didn't exceed the limit.


Investigations revealed forgotten fine mesh filter in the containment sump, blocking operation of containment spray system in case of accident.


Testing of containment filter revealed that this filter (designed to retain most fission products following a core damage accident) has been improperly installed and had a substantial leak. The same type of defect was found on all units at Nogent, Paluel, St. Alban, Blayais, Chinon-B, Dampierre, Gravelines, St. Laurent-B, Tricastin, Golfech-2, Bugey-2&3, Cruas-3&4 (Leaks are said to be much smaller). - 25 of 32 of such filters were affected by the same fault.