Ohma (Japan)

ABWR 1380 MW planned

Facilities in Ohma

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The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) completed the initial safety assessment for the Ohma reactor. Stating that it had found no safety problems, NISA submitted a request to the Nuclear Safety Commission for a double check. The Ohma reactor is the only reactor for which it is planned to use MOX fuel in the entire core. It is also the only nuclear power plant where a portion of the land in the reactor site remains unsold. A parcel of land has not been sold in protest against the construction.


"One tsubo" landowner movement to block the Ohma N-plant
In order to block the construction of the Ohma nuclear plant (ABWR, 1.383 MW) which Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (EPDC) has been planning in Aormori Prefecture, the Peace Labor Union Congress in the Prefecture launched a so-called "one-tsubo landowner movement" (one tsubo is about 3,3 square meters). This is an attempt to prevent the landowners of the planned construction site from selling the land by purchasing a part of it, dividing it into small pieces and distribute them among anti-nuclear activists inside and outside of the Prefecture. On 24. October they purchased two lots of land within 100 meters of where a reactor core is planned to be built. They plan to increase their purchase to block the nuclear project.