Beloyarsk (Russia)

Map of Beloyarsk

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2 LWGR units 100 MW and 150 MW are shutdown since 1983 and 1990.

BN 600: Fast neutron reactor constructed by Sovjet company (MTM).

In June 2014, Beloyarsk 4 was brought to criticality.
The 789 MWe fast-neutron reactor of the BN-800 design is fuelled by a mix of uranium and plutonium oxides arranged to produce new fuel material as it burns. Its capacity exceeds that of the world's second most powerful fast reactor - 560 Mwe Beloyarsk 3. Russia plans to build a BN-1200 fast reactor power unit at Beloyarsk to start up by 2020.

Facilities in Beloyarsk

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Beloyarsk-3 BN-600FBR19691980

A fast breeder reactor BN-800 is planned to be built at Beloyarsk. Planned operation date ist 2010.


Leaking sodium from the secondary circuit catches fire. The plant was shut down for repairs at the time.
(source: greenpeace nuclear accident calendar)


Leak in primary sodium circuit purification : 40 kg sodium burned over the day it took to discover the leak and stop it. Leak was caused by a crack about 70 mm long but very narrow. Release: 370 GBq (annual limit 55 000 GBq). The leak was situated in a hermetically sealed box.