Nogent (France)

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2 * 1300 MW PWR constructed by Framatome. operation started 1987/88

Facilities in Nogent

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down

during operation isolation valves on the 4 sampling lines inside containment were found blocked open (improperly adjusted) valves outside containment were checked and were operating properly


leak in 1 of the 2 raw water system, in underground piping outside the plant's building. the leak of 4 m³eters/h was small compared to the flow rate of 1 m³eter/sec.


spurious actuation of the containment spray at full power: spray was stopped within 2 minutes. 40 cubic meters of water sprayed into the building caused the gradual unavailabilty of the neutron flux instrumentation channels -> shutdown.


5 safety related systems were unavailable simultaneously. a periodic test of fire dampers led to unavailabilty of 3 ventilation systems, another ventilation system was down for maint. and the fire detection system was out of order.


during maintenance containment spray left unavailable for 6 hours and 45 min. and one of the 2 trains of the LPCI was unavailable for 9 hours and 40 min.


Primary coolant fell below the required level during operations preparatory to opening the RPV, because of an air layer under the vessel dome. Same day the boron level fell below the required level.


Leak of primary coolant exceeding the limit of 230 liters per hour. Plant was operating to long after detecting of the leak.


defects found on about a hundred steam generator tubes. defects result from sludge built up on the tubesheet -> corrosion; SGs will be chemically cleaned


Primary circuit tests showed the pressurizer nozzle seal was leaking, caused by longitudinal crack (found to be a generic defect).


Defective software controlling I&C system, false signals were sent to the control room, similar defect was found in Flammanville-1 n 2 and in Paluel 3 and 4, all EDF's 4-loop PWR (P4 -series).


During fuel loading a fresh fuel element refused to budge from its in-pool storage compartment. Inspection showed that about 75 of the 630 cells were deformed. half of the 75 could not be used. same poblem exists in Belleville-2, Cattenom-3 and Penley-1