Narora (India)

Map of Narora

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2 * PHWR 220 MW (CANDU) ; constructed by DAE; in operation since 1989 and 1992

Facilities in Narora

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Narora-1CANDU 220 (PHWR)19761989
Narora-2CANDU 220 (PHWR)19771992

Explosion & fire destroyed the turbine generator and resulted in complete station blackout for 12 hours; core meltdown was prevented by a backup cooling system - Cause was a sheared turbine generator blade, probably because of bad storage over a period of 11 years. Following the explosion smoke flow into the control room and the operators had to move to the emergency control room. Repair is estimated to take about 4 month.
restart in Dec.1994 after 21 month !!; Repair of the unit cost around US$ 6.5 million + cost for the new TG; Cables have been replaced with fire restistant & low smoke cables, Fire barriers have been installed; LP turbine blades whose failure caused the fire, have been modified.