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MescaleroSpent Fuel Storage

Mescalero ( New Mexico) apaches reject spent fuel storage ( 58% of the more than 900 voters. the vote is the end to plans for building a private spent fuel facility.
Spent fuel pools at many NPPs are near or at their maximum capacity; Several plants have already faced the threat of premature shutdown, because of the storage crisis.
Second referendum scheduled for March 1995. This second vote reverses the dicision from January. and reesteblishes the process for a Mescalero-utility partnership. End of March a nuclear utility consortium decided to proceed with a business venture aimed at storing spent fuel on Mescalero Apache Tribe's land in New Mexico.
If everything proceeds on schedule a license application for the storage facility would be submitted to the NRC by the end of 1996.
The consortium for the Mescalero project which represents nearly half of the country's nuclear utilities hopes to have a monitored retrievable storage facility available to take spent fuel between 2001 and 2003.
Total cost of the project from siting to decommissioning a 40 year old storage facility is estimated to US $ 2300 million (for 20 000 tons spent fuel).