Maki (Japan)

BWR 825 MW planned
cancelled in Dec 2003

Facilities in Maki

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Voters say no to the nuclear plan :
On 4 August, Maki Town held its long awaited referendum on whether to accept or reject a plan to build a nuclear power plant there. The result of the referendum was a clear victory for the anti nuclear power plant movement. Over 60% of the ballot said the plant should not be built, the plan should be rejected.
Even though referenda such as this are not legally binding they are very influential upon decision making. The mayor of Maki town, Takaaki Sasaguchi, who was elected on the basis of his support for the referendum, has stated clearly his intention to abide by the referendum's outcome. In real terms this means that the town will continue the policy of n not selling some public land to the Tohoku Electric Power Co. for its proposed site. This decision is very important because while Tohoku Electric has already bought 97% of the land it needs to start construction the public land in question is centrally located on the intended site and building a nuclear reactor round it will be extremely difficult. The plan to build an 825 MW boiling water reactor (BWR) in Maki, which was first proposed in 1969, has been on hold since 1983 precisely because of the great difficulties Tohoku Electric has experienced in buying the necessary land for the site. The decision not to sell this land will create a major problem for Tohoku Electric.