Madras (India)

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2 * PHWR 220 MW (CANDU) ; constructed by DAE; in operation since 1983/85
Kalpakkam FBTR 10 MW Thorium breeder reactor

Facilities in Madras

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down
Madras-1CANDU 220 (PHWR)19711983
Madras-2CANDU 220 (PHWR)19721985

On December 26, 2004, tsunami had struck the eastern coastline of India causing severe
loss of life and property. MAPS, which is located on the coastline at Kalpakkam near Chennai
was affected by this event.
Prior to the event, MAPS unit-2 was operating at full power and MAPS unit-1 was under shutdown for EMCCR.

Following the event, the fore bay water level had risen causing tripping of Condenser Cooling Water (CCW) pumps in MAPS unit-2.
The control room operator initiated safe shutdown of the reactor after identifying the loss of cooling water
and brought the reactor to cold shutdown state. Though the offsite power remained available,
emergency diesel generators DG-1 and DG-5 were started and kept running as a precautionary
measure. An emergency alert was declared at 1025 hrs on December 26, 2004, which was lifted
at 2143 hrs on December 27, 2004 after the situation became normal. After rehabilitation of the
process water pumps that were submerged during the event, the unit was restarted on January 2,
2005 after obtaining regulatory clearance.
(source: CNS report India 2007)


Shut down because of problems with the moderator distributor inlet manifold. After temporary repairs the unit was brought back on line in June to operate at 50% capacitiy.


Some zircalloy metal pieces were found in the moderator pumps. This indicated the possibility of damage to the distributer manifold. Madras-1, too had problems with the distributor inlet manifold.


Tube leak in the calandria.