Maanshan (Taiwan)

Map of Maanshan

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2 * 900 MW PWR units; constructed by Westinghouse; grid connection in 1985.

Facilities in Maanshan

plantreactor typconstruction startoperation startshut down

SCRAM due to short circuit caused by water leakage


During refuelling the filtering system for the replacement pool was leaking into the plant's waste water system. The contaminated water flowed into the outlet pipe and drained into the sea near a beach resort. The plant managers failed to warn the local government and the several hundred siwimmers near the outlet! According to Taipower 17.000 liters escaped with an activity of 8.5 GBq. Measurments of Taiwan's Environmental Protection Union discovered that 350,000 liters have leaked into the sea and the activity of sand and water samples near the outlet showed higher levels than the Atomic Energy Councel reported!


SCRAM due to low water level in SG


SCRAM due to loss of electric supply


After a scram it was discovered that one control rod could not be fully inserted. Inspection discovered a broken tip. The 52 sets of hafnium control rod assemblies were replaced with assistace from Wesinghouse with assemblies made from the more traditional silver-indium cadmium. Hafnium was prone to swelling when exposed to hydrogen, swelling could cause the surrounding stainless steel sheat to crack.